BARBARA BLACK : Wonderful interview with the metal queen


It is our great pleasure to host today at Music Entropia a remarkable Rock musician from Spain, Barbara Black.

1 As a first question we would like to know your music history so that the Greek metalheads who read us now can get to know you better !!!

Nitro (drummer), Javier (guitar) and Bárbara (vocals) used to played in different bands some years ago and we rehearsed in the same rehearse rooms. We all had a very good relationship and common musical interests so we decided to start a band together. Three years later Buffalo Marquez (bass) and Cone (guitar) joined us.

2 Which bands do you think stigmatized you musically and played a role in your music career?

In metal and rock style we love bands as Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Blues Saraceno, Shinedown, In This Moment, Mr Big, Halestorm, Sixx A.M. and many more. As a singer Eric Martin, Janet Gardner, Doro Pesch, Maria Brink, Danny Vaughn, Alannah Myles and etc.

3 We know that you have won many awards as a metal singer in Spain tell us which are these and conveyed this feeling to us?

I´ve been chosen by the readers from La Heavy Magazine as one of the top 5 best female singers in Spain in 2013, 2014, 2018, 2019 and 2020. In Referegun 2014 from I was chosen too among the best 5 female singers. It is something very rewarding as an artist.

4 “Spiritual Rock” – “Ad Libitum” – “Love, Death & Flies” three records with great success that each one hides their own story! Would you like to tell us about it?

Spiritual Rock was a preview of what Ad Libitum would be. When we were composing Ad Libitum in 2017 we wanted freedom in the creative field, melting the influences we liked the most as southern rock, country and gospel.

After this in 2019 we started the next album composition, and in this year the band lived love moments (weddings), death situations and flies funny anecdotes. We also knew the writer Augusto Monterroso tells that the whole literature is based on these three topics, so we thought that it fitted us as the album´s title.

5 In “Love, Death & Flies” we hear a hardest sound than the previous! Which was the stimulus for this musical change?

When we were composing Love, Death & Flies we needed again the power of metal ´cause we are metalheads! hahhah. We were focus on composing an album that people can sing and shout with us. We had a metal party in our heads!

6 Many bands and artists who were forced to stay at home were somehow given the opportunity to take on new work!How was that experience for you?

We released the album on March 10th and the quarantine began on March 13th in Spain, forcing us to postpone and modify the tour as well as several interviews with the press-media. We had also postponed the shooting of our next videoclip. Meanwhile we recorded some Behind the song videos in our Youtube Channel just for letting people know about each song. We also played live in Instagram and Facebook during the lockdown with the purpose of keeping people company. 

7 What can we expect from Barbara Black now in the middle of 2020 but also in 2021?

We are going to play live the new tour dates we have booked here all over Spain. We have also an important event the next November 6th playing live our new album in Madrid. Moreover, we are looking forward for some new dates abroad. We are preparing a very artistic live show that we´d like to play whenever is possible. We are going to shoot our next videoclip too.

8. Thank you for your beautiful companion! Would you like to say something to our readers who are reading us right now?

Thank you so much for this great interview and for this opportunity, rock and metal fans will be able to know us better. If any metalhead wants to listen to our music or videos, you can check out our social media, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook on Barbara Black Oficial or even you can find our albums, t-shirts and merchandising on You are gonna rock it for sure!!

George Entropia 


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