After 2 great releases I Can’t Eat Money & Hollywood, 7 Days In Alaska are back with Warzone, a release that’s of a different sound to their last releases.

This album will very much speak about humans and human behaviour, in a general sense.

With our first single ” I Can’t Eat Money ” we talked about the state of planet earth and the whole environmental issue.

With “Hollywood” we wanted to talk about dreams. Broken dreams. And how humans have a way of finding strength to keep moving forward, even when the sensible thing to do is to give up.

It’s rather interesting how humans can do great things even if everything is pointing against us, it’s very easy to forget in times like these.

“Hollywood” was also very much told from a personal perspective, as it’s based on a true story.

With “Warzone” we’re talking about one of the most dangerous and oldest things humans do, fight.

 It’s A song about war. It’s A song about rage. It’s A song about rising up and striking back.

We wanted it to sound like a movie trailer, if that makes sense. On its own it’s a cool modern rock anthem that will make you do that last rep in the gym,

Win that next round in your favorite video game or give you that last little kick you need to go and get what you want in life.

Although it does those things we also added a small conversation between “Martin and Christer” at the end of the song.

Something to kinda flip the lyrics around and ask a question that we found necessary for the upcoming album.

Most people will probably not even notice the conversation and what’s being said.. But nevertheless the whole conversation is about if fighting is really necessary.

For as long as humans have been, we have fought each other. There’s rarely anything good that comes out of it. And it takes so many innocent lives.

It’s important to remember our past mistakes. Not as individuals. But as a race that shares the same planet. As humans.

The wole point is to try to give people a reminder that you’re allowed to be mad. You’re allowed to feel that this world has gone insane and that you want to fight back.

But war is rarely the answer to our problems. War only provokes war.


The Norweigan alternative rock trio 7 Days In Alaska has just signed a record deal with Gain/Fifth Island Music and is now releasing the first pieces of the upcoming project of 2020.


“We are confident to do great things together with this amazing band” – Fifth Island Music Team


“We withdrew 2,5 years ago to take a step back and spend time on what we wanted to do next. That took as a while. Research. Writing and more writing. I can’t eat money is the first one out. All of these songs we’re gonna do is gonna try to take us through topics that we deemed important, living in 2020. We’re not gonna go too much into details on what those topics and the themes is just yet, but its all gonna come together when we release the whole project.

We signed with Gain/Fift Island Music last summer. That label houses a lot of success stories in rock which is very exciting to us. We’re so happy that they had faith in our ideas and took a chance on us. Those 2 years we’re important time for us to take away. We’re more fit than ever before. And I can say with 100% confidence that these songs are the best ones we have ever written, so far.

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