Grim Reaper Ride: release the “Hellbilly Back to Underground”. 



Have you ever wondered what kind of music a slightly deranged gravedigger would make?

After several years spent on Europe’s stages with Trepalium, frontman KK ( Cédric Punda) dedicated himself to writing and recording GRIM REAPER RIDE’s first opus, aptly titled Hellbilly Back to Underground. Joined in the wake by a crew ready to get their hands dirty, the quintet (comprised of Nicolas Hoareau, Fabien Trichet Renaud Guillemet and new drummer Clément Genty) made their first gigs alongside Mobu¨tu, Karma Zero, The Chris Rolling Squad, Mercyless and Demon Vendetta. Stitching together a mixture of styles, you could call it a Frankenstein’s monster of music. This gravedigger, being more than Rock ‘n’ Roll, tries his hand at Hellbilly, a genre at the crossroads of Psychobilly, Punk, and Metal, with a saturated upright bass as its core element. The release of a video clip shot in Brooklyn NYC sets the tone for the album, which will be published this fall with WormHoleDeath Records. From Rockabilly to Metal, it’s a groovy, bluesy road!

01 Fuck This Day

02 Dig Deeper

03 Grave Motherfucker Digger

04 Hell’s Boogie Life

05 Write with Ground

06 Grim Reaper Ride

07 Rock n Roll on Graves

08 Wink of Death (Explicit Lyrics)

09 One for Hole

10 Hellbilly Back to Underground

11 Funeral is Rock’n’Roll

Check out the band’s official video clip ‘Grim Reaper Ride’, selftitled track off their upcoming album :




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