Presentation of Hard Rock band “Solsticio”

New LP Déjà Vu


Solsticio is a Hard Rock band that was formed in 1992 and to date has 7 albums which have evolved throughout the group’s history. His main influences are from the 80’s and 90’s metal to experimental rock and latin rock.

Currently Solsticio is promoting his most recent material, and it is worth mentioning that the achievement in this production is explosive and with great power, which begins with its first single ONE  STEP BEYOND DEATH and it’s available on the best digital platforms and will continue to explode with two more singles soon culminating with the release of all his strength -Dèjá Vu LP – on October, 02 2020.

Lead singer: Andrea Verdugo

Guitar and vocals: Alfonso Verdugo

Bass and vocals: Jorge López

Drums: Nohas Balta


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