SINMAS: “Muerto por dentro” (Dead inside)


We introduce the amazing band “SINMAS” from Bilbao, Spain.

With two decades of career and four Albums , a new episode opens in Sinmas’s career.

If with ‘Despair’, they unleashed their hardcore concerns further by leading their entire proposal to a sound more crude, with ‘Dead inside,’ the band returns to the beginning by breaking the tempos of the songs and playing with the combination of melodies so that can go a step further in them sound.

The Album was made at Chromaticity Studio next to Pedro J. Monge, being the manager and the artificial production of the disk.

“We are delighted with sound and production. We re-recorded with Pedro because he fully understands the sound we seek, is the record as we had experienced on the studio, but always maintaining our direct group crudity that is the identity sign that will always accompany the band.”

“Dead inside” was edited on May 04, 2020 through State Rock.

Members: Julen Martínez, Iñaki Goiri, Alain Ten, Erlantz Guillarte.​








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