Sinner Guard : “Sinners and saints” New Official lyric video

Sinner Guard is a Greek heavy metal band founded in Volos,Greece by Spiros Rizos and John Kyritsis. It was on May 2017 when Spiros and John decided to unite and make Spiro’s idea of a concept album come to life. Influenced by a variety of metal genres, the self titled album ‘Sinner Guard’ was created. Bass players Thanasis Tiblalexis (Dendrites) and Fanis Tzaerlis joined forces along with the Italian origin vocalist Vincenzo Turitto (The Duellists). In the early 2020 Vincenzo left the band due to personal reasons and was replaced by Pablo D. Ruiz Diaz from Argentina. Throughout 2020 Sinner Guard are working on their second album, also a themed one, with the title ‘War is the Father of All’ which will be released within 2020. 



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