Presentation the Brazilian Atmospheric Metal band :SERPENT RISE.


The band SERPENT RISE began their musical activities in the first months of 1993, starting from the desire of Julio Wojciechowski and Agnaldo Gomes to create songs where the variations of textures,mixed with the atmosphere produced by the strings, the synthesizers, dense guitars and a lyrical content aiming at the elevation of being, guided the audience to a world of heavy feelings and closer to the reality lived by each soul imprisoned in this flesh.
Throughout these years, the difficulties in maintaining a stable line up hindered the continuous progress of the band’s work, however, many shows were performed throughout the country and can be highlighted here at: B.H.R.I.F (Belo Horizonte Rock Independente Festival), in 1994, together with Anathema(UK) and Dorsal Atlantica; Halloween Festival, in 1996, in São Paulo / SP city together with Sextrash; RIVER ROCK FESTIVAL, 2019, along with Ratos de Porão, Anthares, Arandu Arakuaa, Sinaya, Legion of the Damned(Netherland) and others. They could even perform together with Amen Corner, Flesh Grinder, Hangar at various other festivals.
SERPENT RISE currently has a solid and balanced line up, which has been working on new stuff for their next album, which will certainly bring a positive musical evolution to the band’s history, more mature to show his atmospheric / gothic / doom metal for other countries and continents.



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