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Chris Catena is an italian singer with more than 30 years of experience.
After years of projects and demos with bands such as Silver’z Cat, Dr.U and Hidalgo (withwhich he appeared in various compilations andtoured Latin America) in 2004 he released his first solo album, ‘Freak Out’, a melange of
seventies hard rock, funk, metal and blues featuring an impressive list of special guests such as Glenn Hughes, Doug Wimbish, Stevie Salas, Bruce Kulick, Tony Franklin, Tommy Aldridge, Eric Singer, Virgil Donati, Jeff Scott Soto, Bernie Marsden, John Taylor, Chester Thompson and many others.
The album has been released for the japanese market by the japanese label Crown Records.
In Japan BURNN! reviewed ‘Freak Out’ giving 90/100 votes. In 2005 Chris recorded ‘The Darkness Inside’,a song for the japanese version of the album ‘Limited Access’ by Radiocative, led by guitarist Tommy Denander. In the same
year, the great metal keyboard player Vitalij Kuprij chose him as executive producer and singer in the ballad ‘Let The Future Unfold’ for his album ‘Revenge’.

In 2006 Chris joined forces with the band
Pavic, recording two albums, ‘Taste Some
Liberty’ and ‘Unconditioned’. He was guest
vocalist on the debut cd of the swedish
supergroup Mountain Of Power and in the
reunion album of historical swedish metal band
Overdrive, ‘Let The Metal Do The Talking’.
He played live with Mountain Of Power at the
Sweden Rock Festival and several times on
tour with Kee Marcello and Vitalij Kuprij.
In 2007 Versailles Records released only for
the US a special double edition of ‘Freak Out!’
under the title of ‘Booze, Brawds And
Rockin Hard’, including unreleased studio
tracks and the live ep ‘Still Alive And Freakin?… Live Rough In Rome’.
In 2008 it’s time for a new solo release, ‘Discovery’, a concept album featuring Earl Slick, Pat Travers, Victor Indrizzo, Carmine Appice, Uriah Duffy, Tony Franklin, Bruce Kulick,Mathias Ya Eklund, Janne Stark and
In the following years, together with famous artists from the ’80s metal, Chris participated in several tribute to some historical bands (Kiss, Whitesnake, Guns ‘N Roses, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Sammy Hagar, David Lee Roth, Buckcherry etc ) released by the american label Versailles Records. In 2013 Catena decides to revive his old love,
Dr.U, and rediscover how rock music sounds when is sung in italian, but with a very modern twist, since the production of the album ‘Alieni Alienati’ was done in Los Angeles by the twice Grammy nominated Joe Marlett (Foo
Fighters, QOTSA, Blink 182), with the energy and electricity typical of the latest americanrock productions. Guests in ‘Alieni Alienati’ are Earl Slick, Tony Franklin, Victor Indrizzo, Uriah Duffy and many members of the italian rock
community, such as Maurizio Solieri (guitar player for Vasco Rossi) or Andy and Livio from Bluvertigo. ‘Alieni Alienati’ received a lot of media and radio attention (the first single, ‘Call Me’ reached number 18th in the charts, and was played in more than 1.000 stores and shopping centers throughout Italy and by Radio Rai 1, the official national italian radio).
Dr. U played live in the Rocktv channel Italy show ‘SRL’. The videos of the band exced 100.000 views on youtube.
In recent years Chis Catena is once again guest with Mountain Of Power on their ‘Volume Three’ album and has joined the famous seventies italian progressive band Rovescio Della Medaglia as main vocalist of the reunion album ‘Tribal Domestic’ (released in 2016 by Cramps/Sony). In the meantime, at Christmas 2015 he recorded and
produced ‘The Swing Factor’, where Catenaexperiment for the very first time in the swin genre! On Christmass 2017 Catena releases only for digitals the album “Thank you” for his IMR records. “Thank you” features a bunch of
covers and a unreleased track entitled “Baby Baby”.
Now in 2020 Catena is about to release an outstanding new project under the name of Chris Catena’s Rock City Tribe, entitled “Truth in Unity” where the singer intensely cooperate with guitarist Janne Stark as far as the
songwriting and some aspects of the production. The new album, released by the Us label Grooveyard records sees Catena teaming up with several guests such as Janne Stark himself, Scotti Hill, Joel Hoekstra, Bumblefoot, Kee Marcello, Wyzard, John Sloman, Paul Shortino, Nik West, Neil Murray, Carmine Appice, Matt Starr among the others.




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