Presentation of ” What The Hell “


The fifth album offers the greatest musical change from all WHAT THE HELL works. The
motivating and personable working atmosphere at Roger Gahler in his WoogieHouse
studio in St. Gallen accelerated the admission procedure. The powerful but balanced
sound fits well with the band’s musical style. The successful appearance was contributed
by the Schaffhausen artist José Vazquez (album cover) and the Winterthur artist Tom
Staub (photos / graphics). The Swiss company Adon in Neuenhof produced the records.



WHAT THE HELL started as a trio in 1994 in Schaffhausen. Michael Fanni (bass, vocals),
Markus Dossenbach (guitars), Robert Molnar (drums). In 1996 Matt Frey took over the
drums and the band was strengthened in 2005 by Michi Seelhofer (vocals). They play a
hearty alternative metal influenced by bands like: Down, Helmet, Life of Agony, Black
Sabbath, C.O.C, or Pantera, and the longer the more classic heavy rock / stoner elements
come to the fore



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