Hateflames : 1st Single “Metal Asylum”


The Athenians Heavy/speed/Power Metallers Hateflames published their 1st Single called “Metal Asylum” from the upcoming 2nd Album after their 1st debut album “Tomorrow Erased”.


Τhe “Hateflames Story” started in June of 2016 when a couple of friends from Athens,Greece, Mike Dervos and Haris Zourgras felt the strong desire to express their common Passion for Classic Heavy Metal and Power/ Thrash Metal .In September of 2016 the band was searching for Band Members with The final additions of Panos Paraskevas(Also Active In Axeon As Guitarist) and Giorgos Gritsis(Bass). The Line up of the band was completed in October after some Vocalist auditions Implemented with the addition of Vag Papaiakos(ex- Airged L’amh Doomsday Outbust,Legion(DE)) fulfilling the Vocal Duties.The outcome was the composition of original material in Mike’s home studio and the formation of a new band under the name of “HATEFLAMES”.
The Purpose of the band was to create music by combining the finest elements of what makes Metal great especially US Heavy/Bay Area Thrash Metal/Power metal with some progressive parts-i.e. power, melody, speed through complex rhythms energy and emotion. After 2 years and a half when the Band completed the song composition in each entirety of existence.Finally, the band was ready to bring life to its own identity.
In Collaboration with their Producer Dionisis Christodoulatos (Guitarist/Vocalist/Composer/Producer founding member of Sorrowful Angels) the band went for the Recording,Mixing,Production of the Debut album ”Tomorrow Erased” at CFN Recording Studios in the end of April of 2018 and finished in November of 2018. It was mastered in December of 2018 by Nasos Nomikos at Vu Productions Mastering Studio in Piraeus, Greece.
In 3Oth of March 2019 Band released the Debut Album”Tomorrow Erased”and received positive feedback both from the National and the Global Heavy metal community as well as excellent reviews from magazines such as Metal Hammer Greece, Rock Hard Greece and Deaf Forever(DE).
The Band did Several gigs in the Athenian Stages with highlights the “Into Battle Festival vol.1” with Riot, Tokyo Blade,Count-raven,Domine,Released Anger etc and as well as The Opening Act for the legendary British NWOBHM Veterans Cloven-Hoof in Athens at the 9th of November 2019 receiving great feedback.
Additionally, For the time being, the band is composing new material and prepares the Pre-Production of the 2nd Album.




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