Presentation of the bands from greek and cyprus compilation “In the sign of chaos 2” Νο1

The time has come to present the first 10 bands of our second collection !!!!


Warrior Path. 


Warrior Path is not another super-group, nor another one-man project simply featuring some high-profile guests…

Their debut album is the final destination and, at the same time, the beginning of a glorious music journey for Greek songwriter/guitarist Andreas Sinanoglou.


Joined by producer & musician Bob Katsionis (Firewind/Outloud/Serious Black) and one of Europe’s best and upcoming singers Yannis Papadopoulos (Beast In Black), Andreas created a milestone album both for him and the genre of Epic/Power Heavy Metal.


According to producer Bob Katsionis:


On our very first meeting in my studio, I asked Andreas if he brought any demos, rehearsal material or a Cubase/Guitar Pro project. He told me: Bob, I have the whole album in my head since I was 18 years old. I have never ever recorded anything, and anyone who tried to help me, failed. I know exactly how I want this album to sound like and -for a strange reason- I’m sure you’re gonna make it work”

Then he picked up one of my acoustic guitars and started playing and singing. He didn’t even stop for a second. All the songs, one by one, were laying there in front of me waiting to become reality. Three hours later, we completed the first demo and then we both knew that it would be a pleasure to work together to make a great record.”


After the recording of the music by Andreas (Guitars), Dave Rundle (Drums) and Bob (Bass/Keyboards & some guitar solos) it was time to find the voice that could sing this magnificent epic tale.


Andreas was straight and simple” says Bob Katsionis. “He told me that there is only one singer out there that he would really like to have on his album and this one was no other than Yannis Papadopoulos of Beast In Black, as he believed that he has the potential to sing on an even more powerful & old-school way than what we were used to hear from him. Some e-mails later, the deal was on.”


Yannis recorded the whole album in his personal studio in Thessaloniki, Greece, and then it was mixed by Bob and mastered by Nasos Nomikos at VU Productions, Piraeus, GR, achieving a sound that refers to the 80’s era productions but leaving out the simulated retro atmosphere and fake underground vibe as it is crystal clear, powerful and well performed.


The band’s self-titled debut counts over an hour’s worth of 10 Heavy-Power-Melodic metal anthems that tell different stories about War, Pirates & Warriors that can all have an allegoric approach to modern day’s personal struggles as well.


The album’s custom artwork was created by Bulgarian artist Dimitar Nikolov (Ross The Boss, Sacral Rage, Wisdoom and more) under the guidance of Andreas’ requirements.



Fallen Arise.



Fallen Arise are a six-piece symphonic metal band formed in Athens, Greece in 2009. After releasing their first E.P., ”Eternal” in 2011, the first studio album ”Ethereal” was recorded and released in 2013. Following this, the second studio album ”Adeline” was released in 2015 and features the collaboration of 40 acclaimed musicians from different orchestras across Greece. Now featuring an international line-up, with the third studio album finished. Fallen Arise have toured across Europe and Russia with established acts including: Nightwish, Fates Warning, Paradise Lost, Destruction, Sepultura, Skindred, Moonspell, Serenity, Leave’s Eyes, Xandria, Katatonia, Pain of Salvation and Insah.


Fallen Arise are:

Fiona Creaby – Vocals

Vlassis K. – Vocals

Gus – Keyboards

Paul ‘Kull’ Culley – Bass

MariosK – Drums






Project Renegade.


Project Renegade is a four-member metal band from Athens, Greece, founded by Marianna (vocals) and Ody (drums) and joined after by Nick K. (guitars) and Jay (bass). Project Renegade’s sound derives from an alternative, heavy and groove background blended with electronic and ambient elements. After realeasing their debut EP “Cerebra” to high critical acclaim, the band released its first full-length album “Order of the Minus” on October 31st, 2019. Project Renegade are performing live in Greece and all around Europe, having shared the stage with bands like Evanescence, Bullet For My Valentine, Harakiri for the Sky, Mayan and Beyond the Black among others, and having participated in renowned festivals like FEMME-Female Metal Event 2018 (NL), Danube Rock Festival (RO), Over the Wall Festival (GR), Iron Queens Festival (RO), Voices of the Succubi 2018 (MT), Ladies of Metal Festival (GR), Milady Metal Festival (IT) and Rock’n’Iasi (RO).



Before Sunday.


Before Sunday is a pop-rock band based in London, UK.

Their music has a really personal touch, which combines the diverse background of the band members, as well as a driven, diverse motivation to explore many different styles and creative ideas.

Before Sunday is a band with a raw, energetic and personal attitude. Their sound blurs the lines between different genres, including pop, edm, hard rock, funk, and alternative, revealing a rather eclectic approach to songwriting and a very impressive musicianship across the board. There is so much more to the band’s sound. They also have a more melodic side, which explores many nuances and different stylistic directions. It is not surprising to read that the group’s music has already been received well by fans, and by the music community as a whole. Before Sunday has received quite a vast array of accolades and awards, as a testament to the band’s drive and ability to write memorable music that sets the bar higher.

Among other achievements, the group scored a finalist award in the UK Songwriting Competition (2017) for their single “No Destination.” Following this, their popular track “Obsessions” has received a slew of awards. These include accolades for the UK Songwriting (2018) and Unsigned Only competition (2019). Before Sunday’s music has been compared to the sound of seminal musicians such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sia, Pink and Michael Jackson, to mention but a few.

This exciting line-up set out to blur the lines between different genres and aesthetics, such as rock, funk, metal, and R&B. However, the band always stays true to creating catchy pop melodies, embracing their most relatable and accessible side!

Before Sunday have just finished a very successful tour with the legendary Pavlov’s Dog. The two groups performed in the UK and Greece, reaching out to an international audience.

The band has inked a worldwide record deal with Rockshots Records for the release of the debut album “Anticipation”. The album released in April 2020.





U.N.S.I.N. was formed in Athens, Greece, early in 2009, by Spyros Pafilis and Christina Nikolaidou, U.N.S.I.N set out to explore their musical boundaries. In their journey they were accompanied by two additional musicians, bursting forth an explosive quartet.

The band’s name was instigated by their first song, “Acid”, and its notable
success. U.N.S.I.N. is in essence an acronym which stands for United Nation
Substance Identification Number and corresponds to a four digit code system which identifies hazardous substances, flammable and toxic liquids in the framework of international transport. The specific choice signifies the quartets’ intention to spread their infectious and toxic sounds in a global scale. Therefore, explosive nonetheless elegant sounds were forged into forming their unreleased debut E.P. entitled “0154”. 0154 in the U.N.S.I.N. code refers to the Picric acid which is formally called TNP and similar to TNT, is highly explosive. “0154” consists of 4 tracks which although filled with a palette of chords that embody elements of Stoner, Nu metal and the Rock genre transcend conventional harsh music and launch a shockingly dynamic appeal. Each song presents a different style fueled with a diversity of sounds that nevertheless still bears the distinctive mark of U.N.S.I.N. with straightforward sharp and edgy reefs, harsh and brutal but also melodic at times, primordial drum beats and the dazzling and distinctive voice of Christina which epitomizes the bands sound and expands the musical experience they offer far beyond the strict metal boundaries. Their uploaded tracks in the official MySpace page have received a total of more than 32.600 plays until September ’10 indicating that the audience indeed eagerly welcomes their attempt.

In an effort to visually portray the song which currently identifies them as a band and summon visual reflections with its imagery, U.N.S.I.N., created their first music video “Acid”. Through this music video the band officially infiltrated the scene and was introduced to the audience. The “Acid” video is in essence a visual narration of the mental turbulence and the disturbing restrictions of Christina, brought about by her alter ego which appears in the form of a small child. Christina striving for release and exemption from her burden enters a monologue addressing the child. In this monologue, she talks about the thoughts and feelings that degrade and disgrace her as a human being, which degenerate and dissolve her personality just as acid does when in contact with any other object. The audience’s response to the “Acid” video was indeed exceptional with a total of 8.000 views counting from June ’10 until September ’10.

Currently, U.N.S.I.N. are aiming in completing their E.P. and signing with a label which will assist them in materializing their ideas and gaining recognition within the Greek boarders as well as abroad. U.N.S.I.N. are determined to remain active and alert within the scene, continue to electrify the audience with their unconventional choices and possibly become a major trailblazer in the harsh music landscape for the years to come.





This unique duo of vocalist Chrisanthi and guitarist Tony Kash, combine their songwriting to create Euphoria. Rock music, fitted for all who crave for drive in guitars and melodies charged in optimism and energy.

Both born in New York, they met half way across the world in Athens, Greece. Tony Kash has 2 albums and an EP from Frontiers Records and AOR Heaven. Chrisanthi has written melodies and lyrics for artists in Greece, in the pop and dance music scene. But it is Chrisanthi’s influences in classic rock and country music, that when met with Tony’s pop/hard rock style, forms an intense euphoric blend. This can be heard in their upcoming debut album, self-titled, EUPHORIA. Modern sound and concepts that reminisce scenarios of rock past.

They are aiming for this to be the beginning of their musical journey. All they need is one shot to prove it.



Disillusive Play.


Disillusive Play music can be considered mainly as Hard/Heavy Rock but always with a Metal attitude and some Progressive nuances.The band has a strong presence in local live scene with many lives together with well known local artists and bands such as: “La Tulipe Noire”,”The Silent Wedding”, “Social Scream”, and many more, together with a powerful presence in local music festivals and club gigs.

“Open Arms” is Disillusive Play’s first full release. Lyrically, the album covers aspects of life such as love, continuance of past mistakes by new generations, loneliness and solitude, anxiety of an unsafe future and more.

VOCALS : Antigoni Kalamara
GUITA : RJim Knikos
GUITAR : Fotis Trivizas
BASS : Michael Mytilinis
DRUMS : Aris Dolianitis



Costas Varras.


COSTAS VARRAS is a guitarist, songwriter & bandleader. He is tending to become one of rock’s premiere virtuoso guitarists! His musical style is a blend of rock & classical music.

1983 – COSTAS VARRAS was born in Athens, Greece.

1988 – By age 5, Costas begun to show interest in music.

1992 – By age 9, Costas was already a fan of Rock n’ Roll. He was listening to Hard Rock everyday & eventually music became to be the most important thing in his life. Costas was a loner type of kid with attitude & big ego. Through Music he found a great way to express himself.

1994 – At age 11, Costas got his first guitar. He spent long hours practicing to develop his technique & to learn the standards of modern music theory. Electric guitar considered to be the main instrument that he plays till today. Musicians like Kurt Cobain, Dave Mustaine & Yngwie Malmsteen had a great impact on him.

1996 – Early in the year, Costas started to get lessons at a music school in Athens. Since then he attended and finished the courses in several schools of contemporary music. However Costas didn’t like to be a student, but as he says he did that to gain knowledge.

1997 – At age 14, Costas started to show more interest in Classical music, mainly Baroque. Composers like J.S. Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi & of course the great virtuoso Nicolo Paganini were some of his favourites.As Costas absorbed the classical structures of the masters, his style began to take shape.

2000 – In April, Costas formed his first band PERPETUAL.He was the main songwriter of the band & he was also doing all the business, including promotion & booking shows.The only thing that he had on his mind was to Tour the World & become a Rock Star!

2001 – At the begining of the year the band recorded the first demo which was titled “Perpetual”. It was a 7 track Demo Cd and released privately. Steel Gallery Record shops in Greece sold 100 copies of this limited edition CD.

2003 – In July, COSTAS VARRAS & PERPETUAL recorded the songs for the album “Overlord’s Perpetual”The album was recorded, mixed & mastered at 3 different studios in Athens,Greece.COSTAS VARRAS was the exclusive songwriter of the album but we have to mention that at this period he was using the nickname “Overlord”

2004 – In December, the album “Overlord’s Perpetual” was released worldwide by Sonic Age Records.An absolute neo-classical masterpiece which received universal acclaim. Mostly in Europe the album had great airplay. Songs like “I’ll never Cry Again” (Which was Costas’ first music video-clip and it was also included in a compilation from Underground Tapes) “Immortal Hymn” and “Majesty” made sense! The album sold 2000 copies.

2006 – In March, Costas moved to Los Angeles(USA).In October, he joined the rock coverband “The Hooligans” as a guitar player.

2007 – In January, Costas reformed PERPETUAL.With a new line up of American musicians, the band performed a few shows in Hollywood. During the last 7 years (2000-2007) COSTAS VARRAS & PERPETUAL performed at several clubs/concert halls.

2008 – Costas graduated from Musicians Institute (Hollywood, California)

2009 – In March Costas travelled to England to record 10 songs with producer Chris Tsangarides.These songs will be released as COSTAS VARRAS second album sometime soon.

2011 – Costas is rehearsing with a new lineup of musicians for a world tour!

2018 – On September 10th 2018 Costas Varras released his 3rd solo Album”Neon-Classical”via Symmetric Records. Bob Katsionis was the producer of that album. This album featured 6 of the greatest vocalists in the Rock business!



Running Flames.


Running Flames were formed in Athens on September 2013. Influenced by the 80’s classic hard rock and metal bands they make their own music, reviving the feeling of that era through a contemporary sound. Soon they started to create their own unique songs and began performing in gigs at live clubs and festivals. Their debut full-length album is currently in production and expected to be released before the end of 2020.


Band Members:

 Chris Orfanides: Vocals

Vaggelis Moutzouroulias: Guitars, Vocals

John Tzigounakis: Guitars

Orestis Zannetopoulos: Bass

Dimitris Stavroulakis: Drums


Sinner Guard.


Sinner Guard is a Greek metal band founded in Volos, Greece by Spiros Rizos and John Kyritsis. It was on May 2017 when Spiros and John decided to unite and make Spiros’ idea of a concept album come to life. Bass players Thanasis Tiblalexis (Dendrites) and Fanis Tzaerlis joined forces along with the Italian origin vocalist Vincenzo Turitto. Influenced by a variety of metal genres, the self titled album ‘ Sinner Guard’ was released. In the early 2020 Vincenzo left the band due to personal reasons and was replaced by Pablo D. Ruiz from Argentina. In the same year Vaggelis Kaliviotis joined the band as the main bassist. Throughout 2020 Sinner Guard are busy with the preparation of their second album ‘ War is the father of All ‘ which will be released in the current year.


 waiting for number 2…. !!!!!

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