Mordkaul : Release Single & Video to “A Swarm Of Illusions”!!



Today Belgium melodic death metal combo Mordkaul release the single “A Swarm Of Illusions”, taken from the debut album “Dress Code: Blood”, soon to be released via Wormholedeath Records.

Mordkaul‘s members come from bands such as Diablo Blvd, Hell City, Furia, Leng Tch’e and the drums on their debut album “Dress Code: Blood” was recorded by Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates, The Haunted) and mixed by Dan Swano.

A dark and evil mood, an infernal drive, and incendiary vocals on top is how MORDKAUL likes to forge their killer songs.The members of this Belgium based band share a mutual passion for melodic death metal, and with the splitting up of their former bands Diablo Blvd and Hell City, they finalized the tracks Tim Bekaert started writing a few years back.In May 2020, MORDKAUL’s debut album Dress Code: Blood was recorded by Tommy Goffin (ex-Hell City) vocals, Tim Bekaert (ex-Diablo Blvd, ex-A Brand), Vincent Noben (ex-Hell City) guitars and Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates, The Haunted,…) drums. Soon after, Jan Rammeloo (ex-Bliksem, Furia, Your Highness) and Tony Van den Eynde (ex-Leng Tch’e) joined forces.


Tommy Goffin – Vocals (Hell City)

Tim Bekaert – Guitar (Diablo Blvd, A Brand)

Vincent Noben – Lead Guitar (Hell City)

Jan Rammeloo – Bass (Bliksem, Diablo Blvd, Furia)

Tony Van den Eynde – Drums (Leng T’che)




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