Oxidize : Launch Official Video for “Tell Me Why”, “Dark Confessions” Album Out.

 Dark Confessions doesn’t feel like a debut album, especially considering the delivery, execution, and catchy… for those into melodic metal with hard rock and power traits, this is well worth investing some time and energy absorbing.(deadrhetoric)


-..this album does a great job with the push and pull of style and tempos to keep listeners interested through the entire album. (rocknytt.net)

..this band deserve your ears for mere 52 minutes of your life. You will not be disappointed. Horns raised, gentlemen. 10/10 (musipediaofmetal)

.Excellent job.– 8.5 (blogartemetal)



Per Stålfors – Guitar ( Earthrise & Arctic Void)

Anton Darusso – Vocals (Wings of Destiny, Darusso)

Niclas Karlsson – Lead Guitar (Fierce conviction, Zonata, Crystal Eyes)

Mika Vainio – Drums (Mrs. Hippie, Hardcore superstar, Brassmonkey, etc.)

Kaj Leissner – Bass  (ex. Arise etc.)






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