Latest single/video from Belgian industrial rock/metal band Charcoalcity, called “Mechanical Spine”…..!!!


CHARCOALCITY is going strong on this one!

Due to the corona crisis we had to use fragments of old movies mixed with images of the band.. but we think the result is nice… what’s your opinion?

 The release of our new  album has been delayed a bit, but no worries, it will be there by the end of the year!




How it all started…

Charcoalcity started as a one man project back in 2012 at Deezee’ s private home studio. After years of playing in different bands he decided he wanted something else… being   very fond of power metal and industrial he sampled his own drums, and started recording bassguitar, guitars, keyboards and his own vocals with backings… a very intense process, because it takes time if you want the job well done without other musicians… 

Two years later, he really wanted to do something with the songs, so he asked his good friends Timo and Anthony to join, and started rehearsing… at first it was only for fun, but it became serious by releasing a teaser video, called LEAVE.

This song’ s lyrics are about extreme terrorists giving their lives for their gods… 

It took only 3 hours to do some camerawork on 2 different locations, and a week to do some editing ( thanks Lexy ), all at low budget,  but with a very nice result…

 Two weeks of YouTube was already enough to gather more than a thousand views, and Charcoalcity was known before they even played one gig!

In 2016 the album ” Greyscale” was born. The album got very nice reviews by many magazines and sold well.

In the meantime, another good friend, Dirk, joined the band to boost our live- sound with another guitar…

For now, CHARCOALCITY is almost ready to release a new album… behold!!!

Grtz, Peter, Timo, Anthony & Dirk




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