Manchester-based metal outfit BruteAllies release a brand new lyric video for the song “Battlefield”, taken off their debut album “Ash & Nails” due for release on 27 11 2020 via Wormholedeath / The Orchard.

The band statement:

“As the time of our debut album release nears and our excitement flares we want to seduce your ears and senses with the 2nd single from “Ash and Nails” – “Battlefield”, and at the same time to pass our message about our feelings towards the horrors of war. As Edwin Star once wrote and sang, “War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” Ash and Nails out 27th November via Wormholedeath Records.”



BruteAllies are a metal band combining modern Thrash metal with a technical edge and fierce death metal with breathtaking melodies.

In April 2020 BruteAllies finished the recording of their debut six track album titled “Ash & Nails” produced by Ivan Panferov of Anthropocide studios. Lyrically the album deals with the oppressive realities of war, the raw unforgivingness of pain, the unbearable loss of human life and the living nightmare of post-war existence. Musically “Ash & Nails” is a carefully crafted album with each song capable to stand on its own. Characterized by the contrast of aggressiveness and melody, technicality and speed, tightness and relentlessness , with a vocal deliverance to match it is a captivating album that will allow BruteAllies to make their mark.


James Bridges – Vocals, Lyrics  Luke Michniewski – guitars  Sonny Fox – guitars  Hassan Alemdar – bass Gabi Tretze – drums



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