Interview with the subversives “”The Way Of Purity “

With great pleasure at music entropia radio & webzine we host THE WAY OF PURITY
who recently released their fourth album “Schwarz Oder Rot”.

Good evening guys and as a first question to start we want you to tell us who
THE WAY OF PURITY is, how the the band created and how its name came about?

do not really see ourselves as a band. The Way Of Purity is a path. If you
respect your body and other sentient living beings, and keep your body pure like
a temple, not nasty as a mass grave for rotting animal parts and bodies, then
you simply follow The Way of Purity. We met because we are all animal
rights activists, so our paths converged towards The Way of Purity. We have been
working on this project since 2010.


In every song we see an experimentation and something different (without losing
your style),this springs comes from somewhere or it just came

are in a constant evolution of styles and genres. The songwriting techniques on
this album were quite unique. All the songs were written one way, but we then
reversed them and recorded them like that. This means that every intro we wrote
became an outro, and every outro became an intro. Every riff is reversed. We did
this to reach a sound that otherwise would have been unreachable for us. We
think it all came out great, fresh and original.


Your lyrics from your first album up to Schwarz Oder Rot “do you think they have
a chronological consistency? Are they about something? Is it a message?

it is a message. And our message is the most important thing. It is about
nature, animals and the perfection of their creation


What do THE WAY OF PURITY want to show to the world through a

is to spread the message and lead the way on the path towards The Way of Purity.
We don’t really give a flying shit about fame, money or ego. This is also why we
cover our faces when playing live. We never want our ego to become bigger than
our message.


Which Live you have participated in ,that you considered was something very
important for you? ?

only play at very professional venues, so it’s not that easy to get offers that
can meet our requirements. Even if we are very picky, we have played a lot of
concerts. The three month european tour with Negura Bunget was very nice. Also
the tour with Gorgoroth, Belphegor, Cattle Decapitation and Decrepit Birth were
good. We also like the gigs we did on festivals like Exit in Serbia, Bloodstock
in UK, SWR in Portugal and many others.


How do you see the whole situation with COVID19 musically and socially?

pandemic was nothing we ever could have imagined happening. But it really is
what our latest album is all about – mother nature kicking back. One could only
hope that humanity would learn something from all this. And I do believe that we
will see some change after this. However it will most likely only be short term.
Because for some strange reason humans have a very bad memory and never seem to
learn from history. That is why all great civilizations in the past have


Which bands do you listen to and have you singled out this time?

listen to a lot of the Wave/Rock bands from past and present like Sonic Youth,
Christian Death, Interpol, The Cure, Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy. We also
listen to hardcore bands like Neurosis, Converge, Integrity, Morning Again. And
there are some black metal bands like Marduk and Immortal. A lot of
Ambient/Dub/Downtempo stuff too.

Thank you very much guys for this beautiful and honest interview. Leaning,do you
want to say something to the world that is reading us at the moment?

for a moment about the difference between humans and animals. If you remove the
animals the planet we live on will die. If you remove the humans, the planet
will flourish.


George Entropia & Fotini Entropia 


‘”The Way Of Purity doesn’t show off with smart or cool band members. No names, no fancy photos, no effigy,
no trendy musical influences and no nationality. No compromise, no way to talk or get to know us – we are NOTHING. We are a
very real and solid message. Most militant bands in the past have reached a superior level of strength through their message
and faith. The Way Of Purity is different. The message about God intended as nature (animals and the perfection of their
creation) is our faith, but the power for The Way Of Purity is a high level of inspiration, self control, and correction of human
errors through the inspiration of the animal perfection. We are the hand of God, we’re here to bring the animals message to the
wrong doers in humanity. We are not an organisation, we are just the potential event in every animal’s life. The voices asked us
to change things, giving us the chance of salvation by becoming the hand of God and finding the real way of purity. The human
race will be brutally exterminated. Animals and Nature will rule the planet again with their integrity. The Anthropocentric lie has
to come to an end and humans have to see the terrifying and piercing effigy of horror that they have inflicted on animals for
ages. Humanity is ill, infected with the worst disease that is called Speciesism. “Schwarz Oder Rot” – “Black or Red” is about
your choice. “Black”, the end, now…. It’s your choice. A quick death by your own hands, without suffering and by choosing the
way to die. “Red” go ahead, keep on living and see the end of the world. You’ll go through suffering which humans will have to
expect in less than 20 years. It’s time to chose… Black or Red!
“Welcome to the precarious balance and the ancient code of The Way of Purity, that might hold the key to salvation… ” –


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