CHRIS CATENA’S ROCK CITY TRIBE : new video for “Get Ready”

CHRIS CATENA’S ROCK CITY TRIBE unveil the new video for “Get Ready”, the third single taken from the new album “Truth in Unity” released by Grooveyard Records.


Chris Catena comments: “I wrote ‘Get Ready’ with Francesco Marras, a very good guitarist from Sardinia, who has just joined the metal band Tygers Of Pan Tang. I was looking for a country rock song and I discussed that idea with Francesco. I listen a lot to this kind of music, from Blackberry Smoke, Back Stone Cherry, Texas Hippie Coalition, Hogjaw to easier stuff as Colt Ford, Locash Cowboys, Kid Rock etc.”.

The video was shot by Jack Lucas Laugeni and Denny Mecozzi, who Chris has been collaborating with for over ten years. Jack Lucas Laugeni states “Working with these musicians is always exciting. I made several video clips with Chris Catena both as a solo artist and with his old band Dr. U, but also with Il Rovescio Della Medaglia, visiting California, Sweden, Ireland etc. I love his music and rock in general”.

The video for “Get Ready” features Chris Catena on vocals, Janne Stark (Costancia, Grand Design, Mountain Of Power, Overdrive) on rhythm and solo guitar, Hakan Granat (Mercury Fang, Misth) on rhythm guitar, Robert Majd (Captain Black Beard, Metalite) on bass, Peter Hermansson (220 Volts) on drums.
The actress Tresy Taddei, the girls of the Takimiri Circus (Heide Takimiri, Tiziana Sassella, Veronica Dispensa, Carla Colletti, Luisiana Dogna, Cosetta Di Stefano) and Elmer are the special guests of the video.

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