Marios Politis “This is my Story” Album Release (Alternative Rock/Pop)

Marios Politis is a composer & guitarist from Athens, GR who started his music endeavours at the age of 14. He was always struggling deeply when he had to choose in which music genre he fits better. He was moving easily from metal and rock, to blues and Beatles and then back to Metallica. For him music is just a combination of sounds and feelings – not genres and he strongly believes that the power of music is much stronger than the power of speech. He’s introducing himself from scratch with a new, fresh project – this is his story and doesn’t need specific patterns, or borders, because Marios himself is more than just one thing.
This Is My Story, is his first personal album, consists of 12 songs and despite the fact that they are not under a common concept, each one describes more or less important periods of the hero’s life. It includes songs that were written 11 years ago (like «How Can I»), and stories, such as the loss of beloved friends, depression and alcoholism, the lack of concern of the masses to the most essential problems of their fellow humans. Lost love, travelling, life experiences, memories, the beauty of the world and so on.

This Is My Story, is a British rock/pop album, that change rapidly and constantly from Acoustic, Alternative, Art, Cinematic & Psychedelic sounds, to Blues, Experimental, Folk, Post and so on. Cinematic effects, acoustic & electric guitars are blended with the bass lines and the percussion instruments (drums, tambourine, shakers ect). The presence of the piano is very strong in almost the half of the album and finally cello has been added to 2 songs (Not Again & Blanket).

Atmospheric & melodic, with airy elements and smokey sensation, and at the end, this book that’s drifting through its pages to finally complete the purification. This Is My Story is a 12 radio-friendly songs album, that aspires the listener to travel and pass on the feelings of the creator/hero, whether negative or positive.

This Is My Story album was released digitally in all platforms, through Alcyone Records. Produced by hector.d, Mastered by Steve Lado, and all music and lyrics composed by Marios Politis. Cello by Eirini Anastasiou, acoustic & electric guitars by Chris Kiourtidis, Marios Politis & hector.d, vocals by Marios Politis, drums, percussion, bass, grand piano & Female Backing Vocals by hector.d, synth programming & album pre-production by Chris Kiourtidis. Album artwork designer by the artist Tatiana Diamantopoulou & artwork adjustments by the graphic designer Stavros Rigos.
Due to the pandemic and the newly imposed 2nd lockdown, the delivery of vinyls will be delayed and they are expected around the middle of December 2020.
This Is My Story
1. Days
2. How Can I?
3. Stay
4. Window
5. Everybody Knows About Me Except Me
6. Not Again
7. Old Friend
8. London
9. Music
10. Who Else
11. Blanket
12. My Trip (instrumental)



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