The long awaited AETERNITAS’ new album “Haunted Minds” is finally out!

“..Orchestral walls of sound and epic choirs dominate the tracks..a really huge monumental album..”


“Haunted Minds” is the band’s 6th album, the most powerful AETERNITAS album so far, and with Henning Basse (Ex-Metalium, Ex-Firewind) plus Glen Drover (Ex-Megadeth, Ex-King Diamond) as guests, AETERNITAS are honored to have these musicians involved.

The band’s comment:

“After two years of intensive work we are proud but also relieved to present our new songs. We hope that the blood, sweat and tears we shed during the production have been worthwhile and we’re looking forward to the fan’s feedback.”


“The Birthmark” lyrics are inspired by “The Birthmark” from Nathaniel Hawthorne.

The video credits go to Sven Voss.



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