THE KING’S HEAD: Announce Selftitled Album.

THE KING’S HEAD: Sign With Wormholedeath And Announce Selftitled Album!


THE KING’S HEAD are a dark, melodic, progressive and fresh hybrid of everything they love to listen to. The music is as diverse as rock history itself from classic hardrock to grunge and sludge to the melodic side of metal, topped off with a progressive edge.

They have signed with Wormholedeath a deal for the worldwide release of their self-titled debut album “The King’s Head”.


“The King’s Head” album will be available in digital format on the 18th of December, 2020 worldwide.

Band statement:

“We are proud to announce that our first album will see the light via WormHoleDeath Records. In WHD we found a partner in which we recognize the unconditional love for music and we are excited to join them in their mission to bring fine music around the globe.
This album is very dear to us; it is the result of our friendship, our addiction to heavy and melodic music, and the countless hours spent in our rehearsal room. Now, the time has come to release it to the masses. This record is our first statement and we are ready, fired up and determined to back it up on stage, as soon as humanly possible. Anytime, anywhere. This is just the beginning!”

1. Rise

2. The Far Beyond

3. The Fall

4. Anymore

5. Older

6. Miss Comprehension

7. Borderline

8. Should I Be Home

9. Mountainess

10 Waiting

11. White Horse



Tim van Bokhoven: Lead vocals / guitar – Pim van Zuilen: Lead vocals / guitar / keyboard – Koen Koniuszek: Lead guitar – Chris Stadhouders: Drums – Jasper van der Hoeven: Bass / backing vocals



The year is 2018 when THE KING’S HEAD is formed in Breda, a city in the deep south of The Netherlands. Five guys, who have all been playing the local scene since the late nineties, join forces. Their mission is clear from the first time they musically lock in during rehearsal. A dark, melodic, progressive and fresh hybrid of everything they loved to listen to in their formative years. The music is as diverse as rock history itself. They take the listener on a journey that goes from classic hardrock to grunge and from sludge to the melodic side of metal, topped off with a progressive edge. Dark vocal harmonies that take the listener back to days when the great alternative rock movement ruled the world at the end of the last millennium. Combined with a heavy edge, that makes no mistake that some of the members had a good and healthy metal collection under their fingertips. Most notably in that department is the deep and haunting growl that Pim van Zuilen unleashes in the music. Not only is he the bringer of the storm, but while doing that he pulls a double musical duty as a guitar and keyboard player. Singer/ guitar player Tim van Bokhoven is confidently in charge of the mic and strings, delivering his raw and emotional vocals with sheer ferocity. Lead guitar player Koen Koniuszek brings thunder and flavour with his dark and haunting leadwork and his heavy, punishing riff work. Behind the first line of fire resides the engine that drives it all forward. Jasper van der Hoeven on bass and vocals and Chris Stadhouders on drums provide the deep and driving foundation on which the wall of sound is built. After two years of working on their craft, the band is ready to start their first campaign. Their self-titled debut album is ready to be released. The band is on full strength, ready and willing to take the battle to the front lines.






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