Interview with amazing Thrash Melodic Death band from South Africa called Forsaking Fate

We are chatting to co-founder, vocalist and guitarist Grant Hensburg


Good evening guys and welcome. For the first question, we want you to tell us about the creation of the band. How did you start, and how did you choose this name?

A: The band started with me and our drummer, Rory. After the disbanding of a previous project due to lack of commitment we decided to go back to basics and forge on down a new path. The name stems from the notion of not accepting what fate throws at you if you don’t agree with it. Forsake your fate and forge your own new path.


How did you choose this genre of metal and what was the stimulus for your choice?

A: I’d like to this this genre chose me. I listen to variety of metal and music styles in general. When I sit down to write this is what came out. So, one could say it’s my brains combination of all stimuli it has been exposed to I suppose.


Do you consider yourself a live band? Are you purely playing your music for passion, or do you want to convey a specific message to the world through it as well?

A: Absolutely. We live for the performance. We definitely play music from passion which I believe goes hand in hand with conveying our message of forging your own path regardless of the odds.


Since your formation in 2016, there was a three-year delay until the debut EP was released. Tell us about this period leading up to your first release, and why did it take 3 years?

A: Unfortunately, in the first three years we had major obstructions in the form of lineup changes. We originally began as a four-piece band and due to member lack of commitment had to change to a three piece. This involved some logistical challenges as I had to take up the vocal duties to continue moving this band forward. I wrote and recorded the full ep in my spare time as I have a full-time job and was studying at the time to support my musical endeavours.


How would you characterize your work, and what would you suggest the world pay attention to foremost through your debut 5 songs?

A: I would characterise it as up ‘close and personal’. Its fast paced and in your face and doesn’t and doesn’t let up until each song finishes. We’re trying to create something diverse yet familiar and that is what I would like the world to pay attention to.


Which live show that you have played to date do you consider your finest?

A: I would have to say the Port Elizabeth leg of the Wacken Metal Battle (South Africa). It’s our hometown and the crowd was off the hook (and we won)!


How do you experience the music scene as affected by COVID-19? How has this affected Forsaking Fate? How do you believe this will affect the music scene into the future and what are your plans until this miserable situation passes?

A: I think it has affected us in the same way that it has affected most people around the world. We were in the process of playing nationwide shows in support of our EP and that came to a screeching halt. We did do an online music festival. I believe it will always affect the industry to some degree unfortunately, however I do hope that I am wrong. All we can really do is focus on generating new material and to embrace the online aspect with open arms.


 Tell us about your 5 favourite bands, that even in the most challenging times of your lives you listened to (to completely change your mood)?

A: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Lamb of God, Morse Principium Est, In Flames (older catalogue).

What can we expect in the future from Forsaking Fate?

A: More music and hopefully, more shows.


In conclusion, what shout-out would you like to give to all your fans and friends out there?

A: I would just like to thank everyone who has taken the time to listen to our music and shown support to us in anyway. Without them, this would all be meaningless.


George Entropia.


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