Presentation of the bands from greek and cyprus compilation “In the sign of chaos 2” Νο2

The time has come to present the  10 more bands of our second collection !!!!


Human Genom.

Human Genom is a hard rock/metal band from Volos that was formed in 1999 from members of the bands Rogmes ing ,and Overdose. In 2000 they recorded their first released album track “Evolution Outbreak” the same year the band had their first live music performances together with bands such as Mystic Prophecy, Deus Ex machina,Innerwish,Nightrage and many more… In 2003 they recorded an indepedent production album named “One step to Horizon” which combined a more power metal style with influences of their classical music sound. In 2005 the band stopped their activities and several years after in 2018 they reconected with old and new members and at the moment they re-record the old material plus new songs for a new release! Human Genom are : Vocals – Alexandros Siderakos Lead guitar – Stathis Despotopoulos Rhythm guitar – Christos Panagiotopoulos Bass – Fanis Tzaerlis Keys – Bill Sarou Drums – Haris Theoharakis

Mastermind Chaos.


Chris Siatiris (guitars) created the “Mastermind Chaos” band (symphonic/melodic/epic/power metal) in the summer of 2017 in the city of Ioannina (Greece).

From the summer of 2019 Chris is recording (single by single) the 1st album called “The Path to River Styx”. Great news coming soon!!





DivUrge were formed in Greece, August 2016 by guitarists Dimitris
Stasinos (Clairvoyant) and Manos “InfuseR” Psarros (Leprosy, ex
Obsecration). In September 2016 they started composing and
recording songs and in December 2017 they published their debut full
length album “Point Of No Return”.
In October 2016, lead singer Phil William Roussos (My Inferno, Sense of
Insanity, ex Simplefast) joined the band and Nicolas Loukopoulos
(Shatter, ex Seasons A.C.) sat on the throne (drums). In August –
September 2017, Zoe Mouratoglou (Mood Swings) recorded the
female vocals as a guest and on September 2018 became a
permanent member. Dimitris Giannakopoulos (Sunlight, Diefied)
recorded the high pitched power vocals, Elias Zounis (Moral
Corruption) the low growl vocals and Revekka Tsou (Nochnoy Dozor,
Divine Dissection) the female vocals on the bonus track of the album.
Jim Ramses (ex Chrysilia, Keepers Of Jericho, ex On Thorns I Lay),
recorded the bass lines and was a permanent member of the band till
November 2019 when Constantinos Voulgaris took over his tough part.
In November 2017 and during the mixing/mastering period, a new
addition to the list of the amazing musicians that have contributed to
the creation of this album was made! So, after we decided that a few
last minute coloring touches are for the best, Alina Marini was invited to
record the percussions doing an amazing job!
In October 2019 and due to the special nature of Dimitris’s job that
requires him to be absent for a long period of time, guitarist George
Haniotakis (The Silent Rage, Fatalism) helped the band with their
appearance in Rainfest Festival that took place in BUMS Blackbird.
From that point on it was commonly decided that George was yet
another member of the band covering Dimitris’s place when he’s away
for work…and not only!
Their musical style is moving around the Power Metal genre with
Symphonic / Orchestral coloring of their own personal touch. Power
riffs, melodic lead passes, angry djent breakdowns, essential solos with
dreamlike dual solos and a truly imposing rhythm section, harmoniously
meet up with the male power / growls / screams and the female jazzyoperatic vocals.
“Point Of No Return” is their mind blowing debut full length album with
a total of 11 songs including the intro, outro and a cover of Sandra’s
Maria Magdalena as a bonus track. Clocking in at 51 mins, “Point Of No
Return” will leave the listener hungry for more, daring them to replay
the album again and again discovering more amazing things every
Production, Mixing and Mastering were done by Dionysis
Christodoulatos (Sorrowful Angels, ex Foray Between Ocean, CFN
Recordings Studio) and DivUrge, while the band’s artwork is created
and designed by Manos “Infuser” Psarros (MPs Design).
Open your mind, unleash your full power and enjoy the ride!
Rock on, brothers and sisters of the world!





Bend for eleven is a rock band from Thessaloniki – Greece.
Formed back in 2014 when four friends decided that they should take their jam sessions seriously and unite their different tastes in music.
They decided that they should share their vibes with the whole world expressed by their music which they don’t like to be under any label.They just want to rock !

A fresh sound enters the rock scene, which in a way they only can achieve, delivers orgasm to your ears.

Follow them through their path in rock music, and stick around for a unique experience.



Broken morning.

Broken Morning founded in 2010 by Vasilis Sotiriou(bass/vocals/keys).
Their sound is influenced from the 60’s/70’s through a metal and a more modern aesthetic.Among the influences are many notable bands (Spiritual Beggars,OrangeGoblin,Firebird,Graveyard,Witchcraft).
In April 2012 recorded their first demo EP and on 25 August 2014  they released  in limited copies their first album titled ” Strangers Among Strangers’’.
An album that revives the aesthetics of spaghetti westerns and contains themes such as alienation, isolation and critique of stereotypes that prevail in society.To promote the album they made  2 video clips:” Until the sun falls ” and ” The Stranger’’

In January of 2017 the band recorded their second album titled ” Time For Retribution. ” Most heavy and less lyrical compared to their previous album:” Strangers Among Strangers’’.Recurring themes of the songs are injustice,betrayal,deception.Main theme is the conclusion that
it is never too late to raise the stature of yours and claim what rightfully belong to you even if the chances are slim and the cost is heavy.
Their third album ‘’Victory Through Loss’’ is ready.



Primal Roots.



Primal Roots are a metal band based in Athens, Greece.
Formed in 2019 they began creating music in a classic heavy metal style with hints of progressive, thrash, doom and nu calling their unique style ‘metal outside the box’.

Primal Roots are:
Rachel Cassar (UK) on vocals
Thomas Toivonen (SWE) on lead guitar
Alejandro Lobato (ESP) on 2nd guitar
Amira Debaieb (TUN) on bass
Menelaos Laskaridis (GR) on drums



Solitary Sabred.



Solitary Sabred have been unleashing their brand of U.S. epic power metal for over a decadeto much acclaim by fans & press alike.

 An active live band, Sabred have appeared alongside greats such as Manilla Road, Metal Church, Cage, Grim Reaper, Dark Quarterer, Ross the Boss, Cloven Hoof and many others. Stay tuned as the Sabred legacy unfolds…

Petros “Asgardlord” Leptos – Vocals

Demetris “Spartacus” Demetriou – Guitars

Nikolas “Sprits” Moutafis – Guitars

George “Stainlesz” – Bass

Fotis Mountouris – Drums

Albums : 

2019 – By Fire & Brimstone (No Remorse Records)

2014 – Redemption Through Force (re issued in 2015 by No Remorse recs)

2009 – The Hero, The Monster, The Myth (Steel Legacy Records)

Compilations : 

2016 – Epicus Doomicus Hellenicus, Candlemass tribute compilation by Metal Hammer Gr

​2015 – Heavy metal Greece Now, compilation by Metal Hammer Gr

2013 – Bloodbrothers II, cypriot band compilation by Pitch Black Records

2011 – Cyprus Metal Scene united, compilation by

Demos/Promos :

2012 – Prelude to Redemption, 2 track promo incl. “Redeemer’ & “Burn Magic”

2008 – Solitary Sabred Live, live dvd promo of our first gig.



Sorrows Path.



Sorrows Path was formed by Takis Drakopoulos (bass) and Kostas Salomidis (guitar) back in November 1993. Both being inspired by bands like Memento Mori, Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass and shortly after Angelos Ioannidis (vocals) joined them, the band began rehearsing and composing material.

On January 1995 “Sorrows Path”, the band’s first demo came out, followed by a tape released in May 1996 simply entitled “Promo 96.

During the following year, Sorrows Path entered the studio to record some new material which was never released. Kostas Salomidis, was almost paralyzed because of a neck problem which was caused a few years ago by a devastating motorcycle accident, so had the band a 7 year break! By the end of 2005 the band was back in action in order to catch up with the time lost all these years. On April 2006 Sorrows Path hit the stage after 9 whole years as the opening act for the Texan masters of Doom Metal, Solitude Aeturnus.On the very next day the remasters were out from Eat Metal Records entitled “Resurrection”.

With the entrance of 2009, a second guitarist joined Sorrows Path in order to fulfil the band’s vision for a solid and heavier sound.

Sorrows Path agreed with the German label Rock it Up Records to release “The Rough Path of Nihilism” as CD on Oct. 2010.

2011 was a year of very positive worldwide feedback for Sorrows Path album and their unique mixture of doom metal with power, gothic, progressive and oriental elements! The band performed live with many important bands in lives and festivals in Greece and abroad. Very soon the band booked again Fragile Studios in Athens and they began the recordings of their second full length with producer Vangelis Yalamas. They were very pleased that the famous metal star Snowy Shaw (Memento Mori, King Diamond and more) liked their stuff and accepted to be guest vocalist on this album, along with the doom guitar master Edgar Rivera (ex-Solitude Aeturnus). The established logo artist Christophe Szpajdel also was inspired by the band and honoured them to create their new logo! By the end of March 2013, the recordings, mixing and mastering of the album plus a cover for Black Sabbath classic “Killing Yourself to Live” (released by Greek Metal Hammer magazine) were completed. In September 2014 the second album was out, named “Doom Philosophy” first time via Iron Shield records!

After the release, the band performed live in a lot of concerts and festivals! On September 22, 2017 released the new album “Touching Infinity”, again via German Iron Shield Records! Recorded, mixed and mastered by Vangelis Yalamas at Fragile Studio. The artwork was done by Nikos Marko (ROTTING CHRIST) and the band also featuring Thiago Oliveira (WARREL DANE) as a guest guitarist.

The band performed more lives in Greece and abroad including their big lives along with Paradise Lost and Candlemass in Athens and now working on new material for the next album that will be released in a couple of  years by Iron Shield Records, Doom rules eternally!!!



Bent by Sorrow.



Bent By Sorrow are: Dim Arap-Vox Giannakis Dimi-Guitar Yannis Lenis-Guitar George Vasillopoulos-Bass Vaios Faltakas-drums
Bent By Sorrow is an alternative,groove-metal band located in Athens-Greece, with sounds influenced by bands like Deftones,Soilwork,Disturbed etc.

The journey:
The band traces back its creation in 2012, founded and formed by Giannakis Dimi. Through the time of its journey, the band recorded it’s first e.p. in 2013 by the name “same crew,different sails”
In 2016 the second e.p. “Through fire and water” was released with a new singer (Dim Arap) from B-otherside empowering the band and recording in vinyl (300 copies were sold)
Three years later in 2019′ the band recorded it’s third and upcoming e.p “Dementia” (consists of 6 tracks) with new massive sound and Fotis Benardo (ex-Septic Flesh) as a producer. Dementia e.p. will be released in 2020′, powered up by new members in its line up!
The presence :
In between the recordings and forth,Bent By Sorrow have appeared on venues and festivals,sharing the stage with bands like-Harakiri For The Sky while also has led many shows on smaller stages in Greece.
Even more actively the band is looking for opportunities to perform on stages both local and abroad!



Ganzi Gun.



Ganzi Gun is a five-member modern rock act from Athens, Greece. With a charismatic voice
leading their sonic explosion, the combination of their distorted guitars, dense bass and
emphatic drum-beats create a heavy but groovy cocktail, topped by strikes of melodic
Live shows have always been of equally main concern for the band, as Ganzi Gun is
successfully working their way up, engaging Αthenian crowds since 2011. With a few line-up
changes and one well-accepted demo, the band entered the studio in Spring 2014 for the
recordings of debut album “Welcome to the Show”.
After “Welcome To The Show”, Ganzi Gun entered again to the studio to record the new
album “Time Is Now” to release within summer 2020. Recordings, mix and master were
done from David Prudent at Made In Hell Studio



waiting for number 3…. !!!!!


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