Presentation of Belgian heavy rock ‘n’ roll-band Promise Down…..!!!


Promise Down saw the light as a new heavy rock and roll band at the start of 2019.

It was formed in January by guitarist Daniel ‘Dax’ Aertssen and drummer Marc Peeters who both played in ‘Heavily Mad’. Dax also used to play guitars with Cyanide, Mental Genocide and Vertigo. Marc played the drums for King Vain and Revenge and is still active as the drummer for White Fang.

Later on bassist Ronny ‘Don’ Clé, former member of Sixpack and PatriarcH, joined the band and the only thing left to find was the right voice.

After some auditions it was clear William ‘Lawson’ Debaene was the man for the job as lead vocalist. And so the band was complete.

Promise Down recently self-produced their first EP, ‘I Bleed Rock ‘N Roll’, containing 5 original heavy rock and roll songs.
During their short time span of approximately 2 years when the band was formed they wrote over twenty original songs and they will blast them through your ears on an exploding live show.

Prepare for a wall of sound!


On August 15, 2020, the debutalbum, an EP with 5 songs, from Belgian band Promise Down has been released, called ‘I Bleed Rock ‘N Roll’.

1 – Turn To Break The Seal

2 – Furious Masturbator

3 – Don’t

4 – Let It Out!

5 – I Bleed Rock ‘N Roll


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