Presentation of “Feed My Daemons” from Greece.

Vocals: Stavros Savvidis  Guitar: Apostolos Georgiadis  Guitar: Thanos Sofiadis  Bass: Paris Krallis  Drums: Kostas Moutafis



Feed My Daemons (F.M.D) is a Progressive Rock band created in 2018 in Serres by bassist Paris Krallis (Kryfa Monopatia, Powder Blue) and singer Stavros Savvidis (Desert Rocks). After several changes in their line up, from the beginning of 2019, Apostolos Georgiadis took the lead guitar position and in the middle of 2020 the band was joined by Costas Moutafis (Powder Blue) on drums and Thanos Sofiadis on rythm guitar.
Their musical pursuit draws inspiration from the entire Rock landscape, reaching as far as Heavy Metal. From the melodic 80’s to the harsh revolutionary sound of our modern era, they form an explosive musical mixture, without watertight labels but with all those elements they aspire to characterize their sound: dynamic and aggressive plays and renditions alternate and mutate creatively with a sensitivity and a romanticism that has slowly begun to disappear. All in an approach sometimes classical, sometimes subversive, in rhythms and harmonies.
Passion, love, anger, imagination, loneliness, equality, freedom of opinion, opposition to every establishment, awakening, and vigilance are some of the issues addressed in their lyrics. Manipulation, globalization, hatred, distortion of ideas, cronyism, depreciation, differentiation, all kinds of addictions, lust, vain hopes and dreams are just some of our demons that are diligently fed daily by the social system we live in, only to keep it working seamlessly, against us. Hence the band name: Feed My Daemons (F.M.D).
The material for their debut record is ready and despite the unexpected adverse conditions that occurred in 2020, they plan to record it and release it by the end of 2021, as an album under the same name, entitled F.M.D.
A first sample of their expected album has already been released in demo format, with their single “As I Fall”.

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