Presentation of the bands from greek and cyprus compilation “In the sign of chaos 2” Νο3

The time has come to present the last 21 bands of our second collection !!!!





SadDoLLs is a Greek Darkwave Metal band from Athens, Greece. Following eleven active years in the scene, the band has released four studio albums with their latest releases “Grave Party” & “Blood Of A Kind” gaining critical acclaim from both critics and fans altogether. These albums also marked the band’s big step towards European countries, especially in Germany with the first single of the album “Lady Cry” playing in many gothic clubs and appearing on “Sonic Seducer’s” compilation “Cold Hands Seduction” which sold 60.000 copies in Germany.

The band has also shared the same stage with numerous artists like Paradise Lost, The 69 Eyes, VNV Nation, Moonspell, Blutengel, Mono Inc. Lacrimas Profundere, Gothminister, Star Industry and Xandria, and was also confirmed to appear at Darkstorm festival in 2013. The band also played a special HIM tribute with Zoltan Pluto, HIM’s ex- keyboard player and a special Deathstars tribute with Skinny Disco from Deathstars as a special guest. In addition, the band’s management and promotion in Germany during their second album “Happy Deathday” was handled by Silke Yli-Sirniö, the promoter of HIM, Nightwish, Amorphis, Children Of Bodom etc.

The band has also studio collaborations with Skinny Disco (Deathstars), Roberth Karlsson (Scar Symmetry), Zoltan Pluto (HIM), Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto (Charon, Poisonblack, Northern Kings), Mikki Chixx (Stoneman) & Mark Gemini Thwaite (The Mission). The latest record of the band is called “Blood Of A Kind” produced by the well known Finnish producer “Hiili Hiilesmaa” (HIM, Sentenced, Apocalyptica, Lordi, Moonspell, Amorphis etc) and was released via Trisol Music Group and Darktunes on March 2017. The band was also under the booking services of ExtraTours to handle their shows in Northern Europe during 2016. SadDoLLs is set to appear on biggest Wien’s goth festival “Schattenwelt” on November 2018.



Moaning Silence.


Moaning Silence was born in the mind of their composer Christos Ntounis during a cold winter night at late 2014.

Next year finds the band recording their first full length album called “A world afraid of light”.

Combining the drawn-out Gothic sorrow of My Dying Bride with elements of Anathema’s approach, Moaning Silence have created an album that pays homage to the emotive, expressive side of Metal. Both male and female vocals appear, with the male vocalist’s voice having a quality to it that’s somewhere between the singers of My Dying Bride and Sentenced, while the female singer Aimilia Papatheochari has a liquid, silken quality to her voice that is quite enticing. The whole music vision of the band was captured on canvas by acclaimed French painter Gilles Grimmoin. It’s a lovely, if somewhat desolate portrait of life, one that nicely captures the music you are about to enjoy.

The whole project was supervised by Bob Katsionis (Outloud, ex Firewind).

During 2017 the band recorded a few songs with Eleni Kapsimali as the lead singer, something that led to the release of “Fragrances from Yesterdays” EP.

Their new EP is dominated by a concept idea which has to do with memories and how they are affected through time. Melancholic atmosphere, melodies and of course the mid tempo compositions. The duality of harsh male and melodic female vocals gives the known theatric touch that the band displayed in its debut release. 

A different approach of Beatles hymn “Yesterday” is also present here.

Late 2019 and the band makes another line up change. Eleftheria Aggeloudi becomes the muse and Christos composes 8 tracks of pure atmospheric metal. “A waltz into darkness” is born.

Balancing between the flares of the summer sun and the piercing winter cold, Moaning Silence invites us to a dark and haunting waltz.

Majestic landscapes unfold in every step you take. Travelling like “stormbirds”, exploring human’s soul.

The new singer with her calm, eartly voice helps the listener to become part of this journey. And when the storm arrives, she becomes the siren who takes us away, “towards the sun”.






DIMORFIA was created in 2008 by Kimonas Pantelidakis (guitar), Kleanthis Xenitidis (bass), Natassa Pandreia (vocals), Giannis Almalis (drums) and Vassilis Panagiotopoulos (guitar). In 2012 they released their first demo entitled PerfectSoundMetal. During all this time, Dimorfia made many live appearances in the city of Thessaloniki, gaining the respect of the city’s metal audience. In 2011 they won third place with 1,200 votes, in a competition organized by the PrincipalClubTheater for the opening of the Sanctuary concert. At the end of 2012 some of the band members for personal reasons decided to leave the band giving the baton to George Baltas (drums), Nikos Yoga (guitar) and Maria Loti (voice). The composition of the band was completed with Stathis Hatziioannidis on keyboards. From this moment Dimorfia started the hard work and after a lot of experimentation they combined their different musical influences and started a completely different musical course. In May 2017 they released their first album entitled UTOPIA which consists of 9 tracks that range mainly in symphonic / progressive / powermetal rhythms.



Hand Of Fate.



Hand of Fate were formed in December 2014. The band’s lineup came together as if by fate, when the final two members were added to the initial three, as if driven by the Hand of Fate. And it was these exact circumstances that inspired the band’s name itself. Mainly influenced by epic – symphonic rock and metal, they have a melodic Rock/ Metal sound, while respecting their needs and adjusting it to their desires. The band’s main goal is to express themselves through each member’s own character, style and inspiration. Their first album “Messengers of Hope” was recently in late 2017 and is available on itunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and other digital platforms and as a physical CD. In September 2019, they shared the stage with Gus G, in his live gig in Mylos, Thessaloniki. They are currently working on new material and planning more live shows, when the restrictions due to the pandemic will be lifted.



A Void Eternal.



A Void Eternal is a doom metal band from Thessaloniki / Greece formed in December 2015

Band Members:

Brutal Vocals: Teo
Lead Guitar:Alkis
Rhythm Guitar:Alma
Bass Guitar: Chris
Drums: John



War Within.




War Within is the heavy metal child of guitarist Fanis Goulis and bassist Miltos Del who formed the band
in 2017, with the ambition to bring to life the music they wanted to play in all their lives. Not long after,
they were joined by Ted Lattas in drums and in the fall of 2017 Alexandros Dacoglou took up the role of
the vocalist.
The band’s songs became a group task with Fanis and Miltos being the composing powerhouses,
Alexandros taking charge of the lyrics and all four of them chipping in ideas that allowed the songs to be
grafted with the different influences of its members.
In mid 2018, experienced guitarist Angl OsVs joined the band and War Within hit the stage with a series
of live performances that introduced them to the audiences, with a playlist consisting of their original
material and covers of their favourite songs.
2019 found the band in the studio for the recording of their debut album. With the help and guidance
of producer/guitarist Ethan Snow, the album became a reality. “Our hope is that the love we have for
our music resonates with the people who listen to it. It has been a long and challenging journey, but the
fulfillment of managing to fuse such diverse influences and incorporate them in our music is what makes
it all worth it” (Alexandros Dacoglou). “Being in a band that works tirelessly on its own material,
constantly evolving, not having any labels and limitations, is an amazing feeling. Let’s keep the War
going” (Angl OsVs). “Music is all that matters. There is no egoism, no agenda. Only music and
comradery. It’s been a great two years and I am really looking forward to seeing what Euterpe has in
store for us in the future” (Fanis Goulis). “It is all about the team. When we get together we are not
Miltos, Fanis, Angelos and Alex. We are War Within. And as our lyrics go ‘not sure on how it began, but
it’s always been like that’. I think it all boils down to the communication we have, how we are able to
capitalise on our strengths and put them in the service of the band. I hope people enjoy what they hear.
I know we do” (Miltos Del).



Sense of Fear.



Sense of Fear is a Heavy Metal band that was formed in 1998 in Kozani, Greece. With aggresive style, extreme solos and piercing melodies we are trying to convey our own musical message to the rest of the world. Did you get YOUR taste of sense of fear yet?

Have shared the stage with Queensryche, Warrel Dane, Omen, Wardrum, Nightstalker and more…




Influenced by legends of different types of rock and heavy metal especially of the 70’s and until the mid 80’s. Their songs are based on heavy rhythmic riffs and a strong compact re that are sometimes mixed with elements of progressive rock. ADDART are Petros K. on guitars, Chryssa G. on bass and Theodoros K. on drums and vocals. In the past they played in various local bands where some of them had released promo cds. These bands were: Method X, Mortal’s Fate, Esagil and suffer in silence.



Spit The Blood.



Spit The Blood is a power trio that was created in 2013 in Athens. Combining Thrash Metal sound with Groove. In May 2016 released their first album with the name Spit The Blood in the company Symbol Of Domination Prod. The band is already in horns for their next album. The Single for their next album Red Finger is already released.





Babis – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – Nikos – Drums – Yiannis – Lead Guitar – Chris – Bass

Dreamlord was originally created in 1995. After a series of concerts and demos in the ’90s, followed in 2007, the release of a mini-CD and live series. After four years of inactivity, due to professional and personal commitments, the band reunited in 2011, and the band line-up was finalized in 2013. In September 2019, Dreamlord signed a contract with No Remorse Records, and in November of that year, they opened the Annihilator concert in Athens. In December 2019, the band released its “Disciples of War” debut and is ready to present its material to the general public.







Ecollapse is a thrash- death metal band from Kozani, formed in 2007. There have been many changes in the line- up and the style since then. The band now consists of John Papanotas (bass), Panos Papastergiou (guitar/ vocals), Jim Thanos (drums) and John Seviloglou (vocals). The bands style fuses powerful, groovy and heavy riffs with some faster thrash- ish notes, and elegant melodies that mostly take place on the 3rd album, which is scheduled to be released later in 2020. The lyrical content revolves around social, political end existential matters.






Formed in Cyprus in 2003, BLYND wanted to bring the starving underground metal scene on surface and to spread the tentacles of their music over the shores of this small island. Since day one, they give a contemporary spin to the old school aggressiveness of thrash, unapologetically and forcefully.



Nomen illi Mors.




Chris Siatiris (guitars/vocals) created the “Nomen illi Mors” band (Heavy/Thrash/Groove metal) in the summer of 1996 in the city of Patras (Greece). In the summer of 1998 the band recorded a demo EP , and 1 year later as “one man band” Chris recorded the 1st Full Length Demo Album (in 1999 – “The Garden of Secrets”). Few years later (2002) Chris moved to the city of Ioannina and in 2005 he recorded 2 more Full Length Demo Albums as “one man band” (in 2005 – “Homo Destructus” & in 2018 – “The Curse”). Now, Chris has many songs for the next album and new members for making this step to the next level. So stay tuned!!!






MORTEM ATRA were formed in November 2011 in Limassol Cyprus and they describe their blend of melodic death/doom metal as “an amalgamation of genres, a mixture of emotions”. The main lyrical themes of the band’s songs consist of internal struggles, aggression & depression, sensitivity as part of the human nature, dark stories and elements that can best be associated with fairy-tales.



Dawn forbidden.



Dawn Forbidden is a metal band created in 2019 while we were in need of wasting our time and improving our song writing and guitar skills during the pandemic lockdown.






Kosmogonia is a pagan folk melodic death metal band that takes place in Athens ,Greece.
It was founded by Kostas Magalios on vocals and guitars and Christos Drossos on guitars in 2015.
In the beggining ,the band used to play melodic thrash metal ,but that was until the year of
2017,when the line up was completely changed and Kostas decided that the band sould follow a
diferent music style.And so they started to add on their music more folk elements.
In the year 2015 Kosmogonia released their first demo song “Fallen Pegasus”while at the same
period ,took part in quite a few music festivals and lives
In 2017 with a fresh new line up ,Kosmogonia released their second demo song entitled “Triiris”
which was also the cause ,that the band transformed their sound and style completely ,and from
now on ,they would established as a pagan folk melodic death metal band.
In 2019 the band released their third demo song with thw title “Elysian Fields”.That was the first
time that they used female vocals with Johanna Galani as the female singer.
Same year later, the final line up was formed and goes as follows .
Kostas Magalios on the male Vocals and Guitars ,Maya Kampaki on the female Vocals ,Dimitris
Poulos on the Bass ,Odysseus Poulos on the Keys ,Ismini Vasileiou on the Flute and Spiros
Aleksandropoulos on the Drums .
In the 23th of June 2020 Kosmogonia released their first official video clip for the song “Raven’s
Call” and in the 7th of July same year the band released their first official full length album with the
title “Enthrone the Gods” in which ,the song “Raven’s Call” is also included,as well as the new
versions of the songs “Triiris” and “Elysian Fields”.






En-Stigma is a project of the bassist Vonifatios which was created in 2014 and is categorized as Galactic Progressive Metal. The basic idea was to record an album but due to financial difficulties En-Stigma were delayed. The only song recorded was Infernal Shadows which was uploaded on youtube as a single. Things became better and in the spring of 2018 recordings for the album ”Reforming the Universe” began and were finished in October of 2018. For this to work En-Stigma had the help of George Tzachristas (lead guitars, keys, drum programming, growls), Anastasios Nikolaou (vocals), Anastasios Seremetis (oud), Glory (vocals), Alex Seretis (vocals), Infernal Lord (vocals), Helen Tragoudara (vocals), Constantine Tsapos (guitar solo).
En-Stigma have now released the remastered and the remastered deluxe versions of the “Reforming the Universe” album and are also creating more music for new recordings.



Black metal band from Kalamata Greece

1/2 Southern North.

During the years 2008-2009 IDVex created the project Lothron in Florina Greece, with collaboration of other musicians released the two songs “The Whisper of the Sea” and “The Resemblance of Inexistence”. Under the lack of finding band members the project disbanded.
In the winter of 2013 (13 February 2013) IDVex formed 1/2 Southern North (read: Half Southern North) as an one-person band in Kalamata Greece. The musical compositions are characterised by heavy melodic lines, languid and sluggish tempo and by the use of prolonged sonic scenes. In addition, the themes of the lyrics are inspired by mythology, inner fears and personal experiences. In a nutshell the band is influenced by different sound fields as Black Metal, Doom Metal, Ambient, Experimental and Avant-Garde music.

2013 – 2014
• d.1 (Demo)
[Meaning demo.1]
• Noise the Ether John (Demo)
[A dedication to Iannis Xenakis music]
• Lothron (Demo)
[Includes the two tracks from Lothron era – Cooperated musicians: Spiros Pagratis, Nick “Yngve” Samios, Van Gimot, Pantelis Misios]

These three Demo Albums released by Mercyful Hell Productions (Lima/Peru) as an Anthology/Compilation during the fall of 2014 CD-r / Tape

January: Split Album with the experimental noise project E.A.R.S (Athens Greece) released by Deathforce Aposynthesis Records (Athens Greece) CD-r

May: The compositions for Cantabile of Hades ( Rivers of the Underworld ) Demo are over

September: Thanatophobia – Split Album with S.I.R.S (Poland) released by CVLMINIS Records
(Russia) 2 PRO CD-r (Jewel Box) 30 copies

September: 2016’s Cantabile of Hades ( Rivers of the Underworld ) Demo released by CVLMINIS Records (Russia) PRO CD-r (Slim Box) 20 copies

July: 2016’s Thanatophobia – Split Album with S.I.R.S (Poland) released by Heerwegen Tod Productions (Poland) as a limited edition Tape

August: After three years of difficulties, the recordings of the first full length album under the name “Narrations of a Fallen Soul” have been completed (started in June 2017)



Omniabsent, the sense of being everywhere absent is a project created by Vincent vd Bosch and Agosh initially making some pieces with violin and guitar, but due to Agosh’s untimely death in 2011 , Vincent was left alone to continue the Omniabsent project after a five years hiatus as a tribute to his friend . With an inclination towards mysterious, dark or melancholic atmospheres and with a vocal style ranging from jazz to metal, the first homonymous release was praised by the webzine afternoiz as : ‘’May this work find many open ears as it is beyond and above labels.
It is Music with the M capital’’


Abstruse started as a band of two members by Substant and Veiler
in 2002. Substant continued solo after the departure of Veiler in 2007. The formation of Abstruse was the materialization of the idea of a music with a mysterious ”dark” feel in it with the inner desire of ‘’enlightenment’’ .As wonderboxmetal put it , the music of the project can be described as :
‘’… from post- and progressive influences, to trip hop and electronica, to splashes of avant-garde, jazz, and industrial, and a healthy dose of psychedelia. It sounds like a mess, and it is, but a gloriously successful mess’’

Abstruse’s album ‘Ivory Tower’ was voted in the top-10 list of the year in the acclaimed webzine ‘’ , ‘ Earthbound’ was selected as the album of the month in metal hammer Greece for the Greek scene and ‘Submerge-Ritual’ was selected as one of the top 10 underground albums of the month, in the webzine

.Recordings so far:

‘Neuronal Paths’ demo (never released) , 2003
‘Transgression'(promo cd-video art dvd), 2007
‘Ivory Tower ‘ (full length),2010
‘Earthbound’ (full length), 2012
‘Space Twofold: (double full length) ,
‘Outer Space Inner Void’, ‘Inner Space Outer Void’, 2014
‘Submerge: Ritual’ (full length), 2019




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