Dee Snider is working on a new solo album “Leave a scar” !!!!


Dee Snider says:”My new album is going to be called “Leave a scar” and it’s coming out on Napalm Records in July!!!
It’ very heavy,but there are some surprises on there that i think people are gonna really be excited about!!!
My first video is for a song i wrote called “I Gotta Rock”(Again)

Also,he talks about his collaboration with “Corpsegrinder” from Cannibal Corpse!!!
“Holly Hell!!!Just heard mix of a duet (if you can call something this brutal that)with me and “Corpsegrinder” of Cannibal Corpse for my next album!!!
Time to chose is BEYOND HEAVY!!!!

Also Snider says”We’ve got 13,possibly 14 songs which they won’t be on the album ,but they will be bonus tracks”!!!

Some names from his new songs are:”All or Nothing More” and “Before I Go”!!!




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