Truth decayed : video presentation “Modern Day Illusion” EP and 3 unreleased live video songs on “music entropia radio and webzine”. 22/05/2021 – 21:00 Greece time & 20:00 South Africa time




Truth has lost its definition! Truth … a modern day disgrace!”

Welcome to a hard gritty look at the state of the world from the eyes of TRUTH DECAYED, a potent Thrash Metal ensemble from Durban, South African. Albeit a newly formed outfit (started during lockdown 2020), the band combines the talents of seasoned musicians from varied anterior bands craftily collected by founders and long-time friends Warren Jones and Ryno Theron.

Mere weeks from formation, the initial four-piece collective unleashed their debut single ‘Modern Day Illusion’ that earned them a top position on France The Planet’s ‘Southern African Metal Madness Week Competition’ on BurgStudio. This was closely followed by winning the Battle of the Bands with ‘The Metal Lab’ in the UK. Their debut EP ‘Modern Day Illusion’ and Music Video for ‘Opposing Direction’ soon followed suit and received critical acclaim from numerous renowned global media channels like Metal Hammer.

Truth Decayed has furthermore proudly represented South Africa on the global stage on international radio-and-online festivals, like the SUBGB Festival de Música (Colombia) and the World Of Metal Online Festival (Portugal), where they opened for icons Venom, Rotting Christ, Anvil and Iron Saviour.

Recent weeks saw a change in the preliminary lineup, with Koos Cordier replacing Brandon Carey on drums. Presently Truth Decayed is in the studio preparing their debut album (scheduled for a Q4 release 2021).




1. Modern Day Illusion

MODERN DAY ILLUSION offers stark commentary on a world marred by decayed morals and skewed truths, where fakeness reigns supreme, adding to the ever-growing bouquet of terror plaguing a society already in turmoil.

Founder, Vocalist & Guitarist Ryno Theron states that “the songs are made up from old riffs Warren and I wrote some years ago. Hearing our respective songs come to life has been an awesome experience, giving birth to the Truth Decayed sound, combined with the input from Johan and Brandon”.

Guitarist Warren Jones comments that “I’m glad these songs turned out the way they did. Great bunch of guys turned these riffs into something unthinkable.”

Bassist Johan Maree concludes that “It has been an amazing trip so far to work with friends, making music we love. I look forward to the future and the experiences ahead.”


2. Opposing Direction

Founder, Vocalist & Guitarist Ryno Theron shares that “OPPOSING DIRECTION was originally written by our Guitarist and my long-time friend Warren Jones, about one of his guitars. He would buy it, then sell it again … and so on (several times). He eventually decided to keep it, as he has real love for this instrument. Then, with the formation of the band, Warren decided to re-apply this same boomerang concept (aligned to the vision and lyrical theme of Modern Day Illusion), to mature the song about how your words and actions can also have a boomerang effect (especially on Social Media)! It is also the same social commentary we’ve approached and applied to date, but with an ever deeper look at the psychology of it all.”


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