Music entropia : Radio presentation new album of “Broken Morning” and radio interview with Vasilis Sotiriou. 29/5/2021 21:00



Broken Morning founded in 2010 by Vasilis Sotiriou (bass/vocals/keys). 

Their sound is influenced from the 60’s/70’s through a metal and a more modern aesthetic.Among the influences are many notable bands (Spiritual Beggars,OrangeGoblin,Firebird,Graveyard,Witchcraft). 

In April 2012 recorded their first demo EP and on 25 August 2014  they released  in limited copies their first album titled ” Strangers Among Strangers’’. 

An album that revives the aesthetics of spaghetti westerns and contains themes such as alienation, isolation and critique of stereotypes that prevail in society.To promote the album they made  2 video clips:” Until the sun falls ” and ” The Stranger’’

In January of 2017 the band recorded their second album titled ” Time For Retribution. ” Most heavy and less lyrical compared to their previous album:” Strangers Among Strangers’’.Recurring themes of the songs are injustice,betrayal,deception.Main theme is the conclusion that

it is never too late to raise the stature of yours and claim what rightfully belong to you even if the chances are slim and the cost is heavy.

 Their third album ‘’Victory Through Loss’’ is ready.


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