RAPID STRIKE: Drop Single & Video For “Losing You”

Croatian Rock/Metal combo Rapid Strike are happy to release the ballad “Losing You”, 3rd single taken from the band’s self-titled album “Rapid Strike”.

About the ballad:

“Losing You is a Rock Ballad, and we are more than happy to share our softer side with You. This is a song about love gone bad, but not bad enough to turn into hate.”


Initially formed in 2010, Croatian Rock/Metal band Rapid Strike has since achieved recognition from fans around the globe with their distinct and recognizable sound that bridges the gap between Metal and Rock. After their successful debut album, international tours and fierce festival appearances, their brand new, self-titled album is finally here. Lead guitarist and primary songwriter Hrvoje Madiraca has crafted an album full of mean riffs, crazy solos, catchy melodies, meaningful lyrics and strong, yet beautiful vocals provided by English vocalist Bexie James, their latest addition to the lineup. A band with a truly international character now, Rapid Strike aims to reach out and touch the sky.



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