South African Overdrive Rockers FOURTH SON SOUTH are back with their new single HOLD ON

Founder, Vocalists and Lead Guitarist PETER TOUSSAINT (also from Barbosa Experience, Fake Leather Blues Band & Hoot ‘n Anny) shares that “doing your thing is not always easy. If you don’t conform you’ll face disappointment. But do what you do, stick to your principles and there’s a place for you!”

Peter adds that “as usual, I started writing the music for this song before I came up with lyrics. But, as soon as I started with words, I knew this one should be hopeful and supportive. The idea behind it is that you should do what you do without compromise. And it’s not easy if you want to be successful. Use your heart, enjoy success of others but don’t let it change your path. There is no future in ‘if only’ and ‘I should have’! Musically the riff of the verse came to me in seconds and I worked from there. And I always wanted to have a nice twin solo in songs (I somehow don’t think this will be the last).”




Franco Jamneck (Bass Guitar & Vocal Harmonies)
Dale McHardy (Rhythm Guitar)
Peter Toussaint (Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar)
Carel Viljoen (Drums & Vocal Harmonies)
Photo Alouise Jamneck

Fourth Son South is a fresh band from South Africa, albeit far from new, as the members all have heaps of experience. The band was formed by Dutch born Peter Toussaint, a maestro on guitar. After bringing out his solo album One Day in 2018, Peter brought together bass player Franco Jamneck and drummer Carel Viljoen. As a three piece they toured for a while under the name Peter T Band. At the end of 2019, the band recorded their first EP called Another Mile under the name Fourth Son South. This was released in April 2020, just as the world turned to lockdown with Covid-19. During lockdown, Peter wrote and recorded a bunch of songs that now form the basis of their first full length album titled The Sounds Around Your Head. Fourth Son South also recruited guitarist Dale McHardy to perfect the live sound.


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