Deprived Of Salvation Release New Video & Single “Disintegrate”.


Deprived Of Salvation released a new video and single “Disintegrate”. Exploring slightly new territory musically, the new release embodies all the most important aspects of the forthcoming album, which is due in spring 2022. If you’re into gritty old-school Swedish Death Metal, and also have a touch for the modern – this will probably be just up your alley. Enjoy, and don’t forget to check for tour dates!


“We felt it’s time to touch on new avenues in our music, while still remaining true to the original idea that we had in mind at the band’s inception. It’s a hard balance to keep, but we feel like we’ve achieved just that in this song, and will continue to do so on our second record, due spring next year!”

http://www. deprivedofsalvation


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