Abyss release new video for the track “Pallid Void”


One year after the release of the Split-EP of German melodic black metal band Abyss and Slovakian post-black metal band Besna, the two of them collaborated for another project. This time in the form of an episodic live stream.
After Besna presented the video of their song „Fuga“, Abyss is now giving an excerpt of their live session.

With „Pallid Void“ the black metal quintet grants the first glimpse of its full-length debut endeavor. The song opens calm and meditative, followed by an abrupt switch into raw, intertwining riffs. It is concluded with a mesmerizing sequence that reveals the song’s cyclic arrangement. The visual presentation leans towards this very concept and remains indistinct, just like a blur into nothingness.

As the third and final installment, the full Abyss/Besna Splitsession is going to be released on the 7th of November.



https://www.facebook.com/ abyssdeathmetalofficial
https://www.instagram.com/ abyssdeathmetal/
https://abyss-deathmetal. bandcamp.com/

Besna – Fuga
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Jocc0L9EZ0g

https://www.facebook.com/ BesnaBand
https://www.instagram.com/ besna.band/


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