Abstruse started as a band of two members by Substant and Veiler
in 2002. Substant continued solo after the departure of Veiler in 2007. The formation of Abstruse was the materialization of the idea of a music with a mysterious ”dark” feel in it with the inner desire of ‘’enlightenment’’ .As wonderboxmetal put it , the music of the project can be described as :
‘’… from post- and progressive influences, to trip hop and electronica, to splashes of avant-garde, jazz, and industrial, and a healthy dose of psychedelia. It sounds like a mess, and it is, but a gloriously successful mess’’

Abstruse’s album ‘Ivory Tower’ was voted in the top-10 list of the year in the acclaimed webzine ‘avantgarde-metal.com’ , ‘ Earthbound’ was selected as the album of the month in metal hammer Greece for the Greek scene and ‘Submerge-Ritual’ was selected as one of the top 10 underground albums of the month, in the webzine rocking.gr

.Recordings so far:

‘Neuronal Paths’ demo (never released) , 2003
‘Transgression'(promo cd-video art dvd), 2007
‘Ivory Tower ‘ (full length),2010
‘Earthbound’ (full length), 2012
‘Space Twofold: (double full length) ,
‘Outer Space Inner Void’, ‘Inner Space Outer Void’, 2014
‘Submerge: Ritual’ (full length), 2019